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Tag is a fictional character who has two purposes: he's an OC for the back_to_1899 (now defunct) RPG; and he's the Admin (playing the RA) in the donnellyschool RPG. Both sets of info are below.

Back_to_1899: light olive complexion, hazel eyes leaning towards brown, oversized nose slightly too-long extremely curly hair. (Think: Jewfro.) Exceedingly shy, quiet, and non-confrontational. Kind of a wuss, and desperately craves acceptance. He's sold papers all over NY, looking for one selling spot and one lodging house to call home with no luck so far.

Full name: Matthew Goldstein
Age: 18
Birthday: August 30
Year: Senior
Family/background: From a highly Jewish family in the suburbia freakshow that is Long Island. His father is a teacher, his mother is a journalist. He has an older brother, Daniel (21, college student) and a younger brother, Isaac (16, attends a high school on Long Island).
Likes/dislikes: Having grown up extremely warped, Tag likes chores like cleaning, washing dishes, and vaccuuming. He finds them relaxing. He also likes the quiet. On the flip side, he hates clutter with a passion bordering on obsessive compulsive behavior, gets irritated by loud music, and fears conflict.
Favorite/least favorite class: English/Physics
Appearance/style: Slightly on the short side, with thick, curly brown hair, a slightly too large nose, and hazel eyes. He is very, very clearly semetic. He dresses fairly casually; nice t-shirts, polo shirts or button down shirts with khakis and occasionally cords. (Nearly never jeans, though.)
Personality: Tag has middle child syndrome to the extreme; his older and younger brothers are praised as nearly perfect by his parents, which frustrates him to no end. For years, Tag battled extreme shyness and had trouble making friends, but when he to got DSA in ninth grade, a vastly different environment than the middle school he'd been to on Long Island, he found talking to others slightly easier (though a lot of the insecurity remains below the surface).

He has a serious fear of conflict, and hates it when people fight; on the one hand, that makes him a good RA because he's desperate to settle all hall conflicts; on the other hand, it makes him a really crappy RA because he sucks at dealing with problems on the hall. (The LJ community was his idea, to let people express/discuss problems without actually having to do it face to face.)

Tag insists, absolutely insists, that the hall be kept spotless. People can be as messy as they like in their own rooms, but the common room, shared kitchen and bathroom will be kept clean at all times. Getting people to clean up after themselves is about the only kind of confrontation he'll do without serious prompting.

However, Tag is a fairly laid back, easy going guy. He's easy to get along with, and responsible; he applied to be an RA his senior year to avoid having to pay for housing, and was accepted because of his good grades and level headed personality.